Welcome to McConnell Athletics

We are located in Fairhope, Alabama at 101 Fly Creek Avenue in 'Shoppes of Fairhope' (Publix Shopping Centre). Our facility is in the southwest section of the centre.

'We specialize in working both with coaches/ trainers to enhance their proficiency in guiding their athletes/clients in realizing their optimal performance, and also with individual athletes--- implementing solutions on their path of optimal performance, one day, one workout, one play, at a time. And, building leaders within the team environment'.

We believe that learning is as important as hard work when it comes to commitment in realizing one's fullest potential. And, though McConnell Athletics is based on the teaching and learning relationship, the application of this transfer is greatly assisted by our well-equipped on-site facility:


  • Indoor Turf area for speed, agility, and conditioning work (with specialized resistance band setup)
  • Medicine ball wall training area
  • Suspension training area
  • Strength training area  
  • Outdoor 50-yard natural grass field
  • Additional outdoor space for speed, agility, and conditioning(including hills) 
  • Reception/ Lounge area
  • 2 Shower rooms
  • Lockers

    Our equipment includes (but not limited to):

    • 2 Power Racks
    • Squat Rack
    • 3 sets Powerblock dumbbells
    • Kettlebells (8kg to 48kg),including competition KBs (8kg-32kg)
    • Fixed Dumbbells (3-75lb pairs)
    • Dedicated Resistance Band Training area (w/ volume of bands in various levels)
    • Vortex Pro-Trainer (http://www.vortexfitness.com)
    • Adjustable Dual Cable System with Lat Pull and Seated Row stations
    • Zane Leg Blaster
    • Pendulum Hip Press
    • Glute-Ham-Gastroc Bench
    • Suspension Training area (Lifeline JGXT, TRX units)
    • Gymnast Rings (regulation setting/suspended from high beam)
    • Ultimate Sandbags (various sizes and poundages)
    • Lifeline USA training products (i.e. Power Wheel, Power Jumper, Power Push-Up, Pull Up Revolution)
    • Training Ropes (various lengths/diameters)
    • Climbing Rope
    • Back Extension bench
    • Adjustable Abdominals Bench
    • Medicine Balls (including bounce-style & Dynamax)
    • Med Ball Wall
    • Airdyne Bikes
    • Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, target focus mitts, etc
    • Foam Rollers and other soft tissue tools
    • Various bars, chains, handles, and list of other strength training implements (that is always being added to or enhanced!)
    • Cardio training equipment 
      (2 treadmills, 2 semi-recumbent bikes, 2 Octane Cross-Trainers, C2 Rower)