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About Us

Vince Mcconnell
A performance/strength/conditioning coach and personal trainer since 1983, Vince’s professional career has covered over 3 decades.

Vince was a “strength coach” and “personal trainer” back when those titles were relatively unknown. Fast-forward 30+ years and it’s amazing how the field has become a congested industry that has led to information-overload, and much of it inaccurate, or conflicting at best.

Being a practical, solution-oriented, principle-based “coach’s coach”, Vince’s life is dedicated to helping people sift through all the material and to recognize the nonsense, while being able to identify the information that is useful while discarding that which is not.
There are certain universal exercise principles that will apply to everyone, but the variations of the applications of these principles are unique to the individual. One of Coach Vince’s favorite sayings is “There’s science in training, but the application of it is not a science.”
Known as a pioneer in “athlete-specific” (or client-specific) training, Vince specializes in taking each individual and assessing their needs based on their specific goals and objectives. He then designs programs to be applied to meet those needs in the most effective and efficient manner.
As a lifelong athlete, Vince knew as a very young child he had a true passion for fitness. In preparing himself to compete in multiple sports, he realized he was even more passionate about the preparation than the actual sport. Continuing to compete in athletics into his 20’s while also simultaneously coaching other athletes provided a unique perspective for a strength and conditioning coach. Vince uses both scientific evidence and practical experience in working with a clientele that ranges in ages from early childhood to those into their 10th decade.

Though much of Vince’s work has been with collegiate and professional athletes, it is certainly not limited to competitive athletes or experienced fitness enthusiasts as many of McConnell Athletics clients have gotten their very first experience in fitness working with Vince.
"What you do in training is...relevant,
  How you do in training is...revealing,
WHO you become in training is...REALITY." JVM
Our Mission

McConnell Athletics was founded with the solution-oriented purpose of educating, motivating, and coaching people of all ages and fitness levels in realizing their fitness objectives and aspirations.  A primary aspect to this is dealing with the conflicting information that is rampant in the fitness, strength and conditioning worlds,  and clarifying an optimal path for each individual client or athlete.

As this mission progressed, a large component has become the counseling and guiding of fellow coaches and personal trainers in being the best they can be for their clients and athletes.

We strive to help free individuals from what can be referred to as “training legalism”—or, mythical rules and laws of training-- and teach ‘principle-based’ applications of exercise science that will be the foundation in our clients realizing their fitness goals.

Physical fitness is an attribute that can enhance in every area of your life, so finding and following a path of training that is best for you is not only the key to experiencing all of its great physical benefits but also the peace of mind and confidence that clarity brings

Regarding our work with team sports athletes:
Our purpose is to complement what the athlete is doing within the team structure rather than try to replace it. Our work is to pinpoint any personal areas of technical deficiency or uncertainty and be part of the solution rather than simply “rehash” what is already being done with the team.
We observe that our clients become better athletes, competitors, teammates, and leaders with our guidance. McConnell Athletics' primary objective is to bridge the gap from school/team weight rooms to the field, court, or other arena of performance.

Regarding our work with fellow strength coaches, sport coaches, and personal trainers:
Solutions. It’s always about finding solutions rather than adding to the confusion.
And, communication between coaching colleagues is invaluable to sharpen each
other’s beliefs and skills via acknowledging scientific and practical evidence.

Our work with coaches and fitness professionals covers a very wide range of
genres, from team sport coaches in numerous sports, to strength and conditioning
coaches, to bodybuilding coaches, to gym owners, to personal trainers, and beyond.

Our objective is to help clarify the difference in foundational principles of exercise science and the systems and methods used to implement these principles. And, once this clarification is made then the building blocks of program design are emphasized.

As well, a major aspect of our work at McConnell Athletics is teaching mechanical integrity on all primary movement patterns, how to make relevant functional assessments, the variations of each movement pattern, and the multiple progressions and regressions available to apply exercises in optimal fashion.
Vince McConnell designs all of McConnell Athletics training programs personally. Though there are common denominators in most every sound training program, there is no “canned” system, or “copy and paste” program designs at McConnell Athletics, no matter if on-site or online. The on-site programs have a broad span in that they are designed in phases where the emphasis is cycled over the course of days, weeks, and months as well as adjusted on a session-by-session basis to best suit each client/athlete. Off-site programs have all of the aforementioned qualities yet obviously without the on-spot adjustments.
Each program includes exercises, drills, and methods to optimize mobility, strength, power, and endurance which all contribute to optimal health, body composition, performance, and overall fitness longevity. Exercise selection is based on what is best for the individual, or group of individuals, at that point in time. You will be taught progressions and regressions to each exercise to insure you are working at the level that best suits your current needs.

Please contact us at:

251-990-6202 or to register or set up appointment  
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